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Volleyball Stats

1.9 usd

Track up to 15 player's stats for your team for up to 5 games per match. Tracks: SA-service ace, SE-service error, S-total servers, K-kills, E-hitting errors, AT-attacks, A-assist, BHE-ball handling error, D-digs, DigErr-Digs Error, SR-service reception, RE-receiving error, BS-block solo, BA-block assist, BE-block error. Season Stats for a single Match or for the entire Season.
**** Serve Receive Rating (0 - 3) *********These buttons are hidden by Default.
- To Show them, you must go to the Preferences and Check on the SHOW Rating Buttons.
- To Auto Increment the SR/SRE based on the rating, Check on the Increment SR/SRE auto on rating option.**********************************************
- Ability to IMPORT/EXPORT game and team roster files.
- New Preferences menu option which allows the setting of button row colors and auto increment of serve Stat
-The Abbreviations on the buttons can be changed via the Preference settings.
-You can save the match at any point and reload it later for viewing.
-Send a short email of just team stats or longer version which includes all player stats in a CSV (semi-colon delimited) file for importing into excel
-Quickly sub player in/out of game by long clicking ICON.
Other Recent Changes10/11 ver 2.71 - Corrects button color issue, reported by Leo in the comments.08/21 ver 2.7 - corrects Stats not showing on zero point game.04/23 ver 2.6 - correct decrement issue on SR3 button03/18 ver 2.5 - First 9 chars of player's name display under icon - turn off or on via settings; - Adds defaulting of name when saving team or game file.02/18 ver 2.4 - Corrects force close issue loading saved games due to new rating buttons.02/15 ver 2.3 - Adds Serve Receive Rating Buttons to the screen. See App Description for More Info on SETUP.10/14 ver 2.1 - Format changes on Team Setup Page of Team Stats.10/4 ver 2.07-Ability to auto increment serve on Ace/error, Ability to import/export Team and Game files.10/1 ver 2.06-NOOK landscape correction for force close9/29 ver 2.05 - Corrects DIG button on Tablet portrait view; Adds additional team stats on Team View page; Only allows you to remove stats for the set in MATCH view mode.ver 2.04-corrections for decrement auto-score on THEM tabver 2.03-Added Digs Error to Stats keeping and Maxpreps rpt.ver 2.02-Allow landscape, better tablet viewingver 2.01-Allow changing of team names; change Maxpreps to report player by sets played; allow viewing of stats by match or setver 2.0- Auto-score changes to support the other team; Reporting changes to only report sets played.